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Telescopic loader - rent

AA HERKULES Podesty Ruchome has over 600 mobile platforms and telescopic loaders in its fleet. Telescopic loaders are versatile machines with variable equipment, so they can be used for many purposes. Accessories that we can offer are forks, a hook and a bucket for loose materials. The multitasking of these devices is not the only advantage. JCB telescopic loaders are powered by an economical and reliable EcoMAX diesel engine. When renting a charger by our customers, this is an important feature they value.


Work platform - rent

Our rental also offers an extremely wide selection of practical, efficient and modern devices adapted to all types of requirements. Our offer includes, among others, electric boom lifts that are qualified as crane machines. It is a movable hydraulic arm, at the end of which there is a basket with protection for a person or tools that are lifted. Today, aerial platforms are very popular and widely used. Their main advantage is the ability to perform work at significant heights, while eliminating risk factors. You can see their use during activities such as the installation of large-format advertising, facade painting, replacement or maintenance of electricity in hard-to-reach places in the building. It also works well in the care of greenery in the form of grown stands. The aerial platform-aerial platform facilitates pruning tree branches located on the streets, in parks or city centers.



Where is the electric boom lift?

Emergency services are also very happy to use the advantages and properties offered by a trailer lift. The State Fire Service uses these machines as an alternative to the stereotypical, traditional ladder allowing you to get to anywhere with the equipment you need. The aerial platform - renting - is a way to quickly and efficiently reach the victims of fires and then lead them out of the danger zone, which are of great importance to firefighters, determining success or tragedy. In winter, the self-propelled aerial platform will be used for removing dangerous icicles and in everyday use we will use it for cleaning windows or minor repairs.



What to look for when choosing a work platform?

There are several types of basket elevators that differ in properties, which will be adapted to perform different specifics of a given job. The type of aerial platform is one of the factors determining the perfectly matched equipment under each other. In the second, attention should be paid to the specification, which will determine the height of the equipment and the length of its boom. As the name suggests, with these lifts we should pay attention to the size of the basket and its load capacity. Of course, the reputation of the manufacturer will be very important, so before renting, it is good to check opinions about a given brand. However, with us you don't have to worry about it, because all our equipment is tested and of the highest quality. Our advisers will provide you with all the help in choosing the optimal and best devices. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to use our advice. Therefore, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer! Rental work platforms!