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Training for the operator of aerial work platforms and telescopic loaders

We are a certified UDT-CERT training center in Katowice. The certification confirms the quality of our courses for operators of mobile platforms and telescopic loaders. Training only in Polish.

Qualification certificates for the operator of aerial work lifts and telescopic loaders

AA Herkules is a certified UDT-CERT training center based in Katowice. We conduct high-quality courses for operators of movable mobile platforms (formerly IP category) and operators of telescopic loaders (formerly I WJO category) .. We invite you to training as an operator of lifts and telescopic loaders. We familiarize students with the operation and operation of low-speed mobile lifts (electric platforms, diesel platforms, scissor lifts, telescopic lifts and articulated platforms) and JCB telescopic loaders.


Theoretical and practical training - a course for increases

During the course, each participant acquires the necessary knowledge, both theoretical and practical. We also place great emphasis on discussing the health and safety rules - we make sure that in the future the operator of the lift and telescopic handler performs his duties safely during work. Trainings for aerial work platforms and telescopic loaders are held in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Additionally, we provide catering and coffee service throughout the training.

Invest in your professional development and take advantage of our knowledge and experience.

State examination - qualification certificates for boom lifts and telescopic loaders

In the course of training, we prepare for the state examination. Before the exam, we also check the knowledge of students. After the course is completed, the trained person takes the exam before the technical inspection unit commission (UDT or TDT). The exam takes place in our center in Katowice and on our machines.

Period of validity of allowances for increases
The qualifications of the operator of mobile mobile platforms and the operator of telehandlers obtained after the exam are valid throughout the country and are issued for a period of 5 years. It is possible to extend the validity of the rights to 10 years.


Permission templates

Certificates are issued in the form of plastic identification cards. Two offices are entitled to issue a qualification certificate for the operator of mobile platforms and telescopic loaders: Transport Technical Inspection and the Office of Technical Inspection. The certificates are mutually recognized by both offices.

Do you need training for mobile platforms?

In AA Herkules, participants gain theoretical knowledge and practice during the training. We offer a friendly and pleasant atmosphere and professional training staff!

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Contact and details
Any additional information is provided by training specialists by calling +48 730 690 048

Application for training

Below are the documents needed to register for a particular training course. Application form that must be completed (only box C) and sent to the e-mail address: The power of attorney should be delivered with the original signature of the student to our facility in person or by post.

Training center address:

Training Department
ul. k.s. Karola Woźniaka 18
40-389 Katowice

See the lifts on which the practical training takes place

All our courses are held on the highest quality lifts. The brands of platforms from our offer are known and appreciated both in Poland and in the world. Or maybe you are interested in renting a platform? See: aerial work platforms.


A course for lifts and telescopic loaders - qualifications at your fingertips!

We provide:
  • training center certified by UDT-CERT
  • professional theoretical and practical courses
  • qualified staff of lecturers-practitioners
  • state exam and training on our lifts
The advantages of our training center are:
  • high pass rate
  • minimum of formalities
  • professional service
  • nice atmosphere
The best pass rate in the whole region!

We hire lifts from the best global brands:

Hire range map

Lower Silesia
Lesser Poland
  • Silesia

    Wozniaka 18 St.
    40-389 Katowice
    Voivodeship Silesia, Poland

  • Masovian

    Zytnia 19A St.
    05-800 Warsaw / Pruszkow
    Voivodeship Masovian, Poland

  • Lodzkie

    Katowicka 43 St.
    95-030 Lodz / Rzgow
    Voivodeship Lodz, Poland

  • Lower Silesia

    Swidnicka 23 St.
    55-040 Wroclaw / Tyniec Maly
    Voivodeship Lower Silesia, Poland

  • Lesser Poland

    Torowa 13A St. 
    30-435 Cracow
    Voivodeship Lesser Poland, Poland

  • Lublin

    Szafranowa 8 St.
    21-003 Lublin / Elizowka
    Voivodeship Lublin, Poland

  • Subcarpathian

    Opening soon!
    Voivodeship Subcarphatian, Poland