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Aerial work platforms for rent - AA Herkules

The above selection menu demonstrates the range of rental risers available at AA Herkules. The fleet of over 1000 aerial lifts has been grouped into categories according to the type of lift and the type of power supply. Renting a mobile platform begins with the selection of a device adequate to the customer's needs. We have a selection of platforms from the following categories: electric scissor lifts, diesel scissor lifts, electric telescopic lifts, diesel telescopic articulated lifts, electric vertical mast lifts and electric / diesel telescopic articulated lifts on tracks. Each of the above-mentioned categories includes lifts with different technical parameters and intended use. In each group, the machines were sorted sequentially from the linkage with the lowest working height to the highest working height.


Individual categories are distinguished by the following maximum working heights:

  • electric scissor lifts up to a maximum of 16.00 m;
  • diesel scissor lifts up to a maximum of 15.11 m;
  • telescopic articulated platforms up to a maximum of 25.60 m;
  • mast platforms up to 12,65 m;
  • platforms on tracks up to a maximum of 25,60 m;
  • pushed platforms up to 5.50 m.


An additional advantage of our company is the expansion of the assortment with the rental of telescopic loaders for rent, up to max. 16.70 m lifting height with stabilizers lowered.

When deciding to rent boosters, special attention should be paid to the place of operation of the device. The lifts have technical parameters that enable them to work both on even and hardened surfaces as well as in difficult field conditions. If you have any doubts when choosing a mobile platform, please contact one of our specialists at the telephone number provided in the contact tab or the footer. We will help you to carry out an increase in rental at competitive prices and with the appropriate technical specifications.