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One of the largest Polish rentals of lifts and telescopic loaders.
By choosing our services, you support Polish capital.
Rental of increases at the highest level.

Diversified technical parameters

A wide range of platforms and telescopic loaders for rent.

Scissor lifts, articulated lifts, telescopic lifts, mast lifts, caterpillar and manual pushed lifts.

Lifts for work in the hall and in difficult terrain.

Helmet AA Herkules Helmet AA Herkules
Professional training for platforms and telescopic loaders

Theoretical and practical courses.

Certified UDT-CERT training center.

Training on our lifts and telescopic loaders.

Learning in a relaxed atmosphere.

Specialized transport fleet

Our own fleet of auto trailers ready to transport booms and telescopic loaders.

Transport of lifts to the workplace.

Fast and safe.

Scissor lift Scissor lift
We approach the place of failure

Qualified mechanics with UDT / TDT maintenance licenses.

Access to the place of failure by service cars.

Lifts and telescopic loaders with up-to-date UDT research.

Special offer


Electric scissor lifts
from 5,90 to 16,00 m of debt height

Diesel scissor lifts
from 12,00 to 15,11 m of debt height

Electric telescopic articulated under temperature
from 10,89 to 20,39 m of debt height

Under temperature gas telescopic articulated joints
from 16,00 to 25,60 m of debt height

Electric mast platforms
from 6,52 to 12,65 m of debt height

At the merchants
from 15,30 to 25,60 m high

Telescopic loaders
from 12,27 to 16,70 m maximum height

Pushing platforms
from 3,5 to 5,5 m work height

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Hire and gain!


Lifts hire in Katowice, Wroclaw, Lodz, Warsaw, Cracow, Lublin and Rzeszow

Professional rental - increases in the Silesia, Lower Silesia, Lodz, Mazovian, Lesser Poland, Lublin and Subcarpathian Voivodships


We rent lifts in accordance with the company's scope of activity presented on the map. The scope of rental of lifts placed on the map indicates where we rent boom lifts. We offer a lift rental with delivery directly to the investment site where it is to work. We offer our clients rental of booms from equipment bases located in Katowice, Wroclaw, Lodz, Warsaw, Cracow, Lublin and Rzeszow. In our rental of aerial work platforms, we have car carriers with specially adapted platforms and ramps, so that the transport of lifts is safe and fast. We employ drivers with many years of experience, which means that the transport of increases for rent is efficient, and the machines reach the customer at the agreed time.


Increase rental in easthern, southern, western and central Poland


We undertake customer orders for the rental of lifts and telescopic loaders in Katowice, Wroclaw, Lodz, Warsaw, Cracow, Lublin, Rzeszow and many other services in our field, such as: lift service, courses for the operator of lifts and lifts, training for the operator of telescopic loaders, transport of lifts. We make every effort to provide fully functional and very modern, in other words, the best available and professional aerial platforms, and mobile platforms in our company. Proper selection of a basket lift for a specific task reported by the customer is the task of our specialists for the rental of mobile platforms. Specialists with many years of experience in renting help to choose a machine that is adequate to the current needs. Telephone contact with professional service minimizes the non-compliance of the equipment with the customer's needs. As a result, customers cooperating with AA Herkules are satisfied after the completion of our service with a basket lift. In addition, we have under a thousand lifting devices from the world's best manufacturers in our own unique fleet of lifts, platforms and telescopic loaders. A wide range of offered machines is a guarantee of choosing the right equipment. In equipment depots, we offer rental of aerial work platforms up to a height of over 25 working meters. The proprietary lifts are used for all assembly, conservation, construction works, sometimes even logging, and many others, in a word, wherever there is a need to perform work at height.


Rental of lifts in the city of Katowice and its vicinity


Rent our lifts from the base in Katowice to cities located throughout the Silesian Voivodeship. We also rent a lift in other cities. Below is the range of AA Herkules lift rentals. Rental of lifts, base Katowice, where the range covers the Silesian Voivodeship and the neighboring voivodships. We undertake large orders for professional increases in the city of Katowice and orders for individual clients. We offer field and hall lifts with various types of power supply and technical parameters. The lifts are powered by both the internal combustion engine and batteries. Our offer also includes fully professional aerial platforms, terrain and telescopic boom lifts, as well as telescopic boom lifts and telescopic loaders. The best rental offer - AA HERKULES!

Polish Company

Rental of lifts (aerial work platforms) and telescopic loaders with an established position on the market of cable lifts rental in Poland. 16 years of experience in the industry means that the rental of mobile platforms and other services provided are at the highest level. We provide rental of scissor lifts, telescopic lifts, articulated lifts, mast lifts, caterpillars, manual pushed platforms and telescopic loaders.

Hire range map

Lower Silesia
Lesser Poland
  • Silesia

    Wozniaka 18 St.
    40-389 Katowice
    Voivodeship Silesia, Poland

  • Masovian

    Zytnia 19A St.
    05-800 Warsaw / Pruszkow
    Voivodeship Masovian, Poland

  • Lodzkie

    Katowicka 43 St.
    95-030 Lodz / Rzgow
    Voivodeship Lodz, Poland

  • Lower Silesia

    Swidnicka 23 St.
    55-040 Wroclaw / Tyniec Maly
    Voivodeship Lower Silesia, Poland

  • Lesser Poland

    Torowa 13A St. 
    30-435 Cracow
    Voivodeship Lesser Poland, Poland

  • Lublin

    Szafranowa 8 St.
    21-003 Lublin / Elizowka
    Voivodeship Lublin, Poland

  • Subcarpathian

    Opening soon!
    Voivodeship Subcarphatian, Poland